My approach

Eyejack: Marketing/Public relations slang term for the effectiveness of a
PR message, display, graphic icons, layout or webpage to hijack attention and in that instant the message be it
positive and helpful or propaganda is received and comprehended by the viewer.

Your identity should at a glance communicate key aspects of your business, conveying your unique personality, allure and integrity, capturing attention and establishing the trust of your customers.

Professionally presented creative ideas will appeal to your customer’s emotional values, embedding your business into their hearts and minds.
Investing in establishing a sharp identity and communication is essential and underpins any successful business venture enabling you to confidently stand out, target and win new customers. A professional image that creates the perfect perception of your business.

Investing in high quality visual communication will enable you to confidently target and win new customers with a totally professional image that creates the perfect perception of your business.

My strategy is to listen to project objectives and work closely with you to develop branding, CIS design, visual communication from corporate identity and promotional literature to packaging and website design. I will look after all your design needs with attention to detail and an eye on deadlines.

Attacking every project with imagination and enthusiasm and when you have tight deadlines we will go the extra mile and have the experience and commitment to get it done on time.

I team with strategic partners that come together for specific projects enabling us to deal directly with you providing competitive project estimates and exceptional design. We’re confident you’ll find us relaxed, easy to work with and able to provide a range of options aligned to your promotional objectives, budget and target market.

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